These wonderful learning resources are inclusive and encourage play-based learning. We believe that the right learning tool is important to build confidence and allow the child to taste success.
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Theraputty Exercise Putty 3oz
SumBlox Basic Set (47pcs)
SumBlox Starter Set (27pc)
Peta (UK) Mini Easi-Grip® Scissors
WilliamReady Whiteboard Dice
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Theraputty Exercise Putty 6oz
Reversible 100/ABC Coins
WilliamReady 40mm Stencil Kit
Peta (UK) Dual Control Teaching Scissor
Peta (UK) Child Self-Opening Scissor
Wooden Tweezer
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Peta (UK) Easi-Grip® Scissors
Reversible English 1-100/Chinese 1-100 Coins (Exclusive)
Alphabet Coins (No Pegs)
1-100 Coins (No Pegs)
Wool Balls (55 pieces)
I Am Thomas by Monique Cain
Madi by Monique Cain
WilliamReady 40mm Stencil Upper Case A-Z
WilliamReady 40mm Ultimate Stencil Kit
Bilingual Learning Bundle (100 Frame + ABC Coins + Reversible Eng/Chinese 1-100 Coins)
Math Bundle (Fraction + Symbols Coins without Pegs)
Fraction Coins (No Pegs)
Screw Board
Upper and Lowercase Letters with Holder
Wooden Sorting Tray
Math Reversible Board
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Wool Balls (20 Pieces)
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Alphabet Board Game
Alphabet Reversible Tracing Board
Madi Starts School by Monique Cain
Madi At Kinder by Monique Cain
Madi Goes Shopping by Monique Cain
WilliamReady Resistance Band
WilliamReady 16mm Stencil Kit
WilliamReady 40mm Stencil Numbers 0-9
38 results