Let Them Play Toys

Let Them Play Toys is by Julie who was an Early Childhood Educator for 8 years.

She loves to watch the wonder in play and sees how little minds learn and grow. She believes open ended and natural resources are a beautiful way to inspire each child individually. Nature is a big inspiration for her creations and she began creating and making her own resources and toys for her children to reduce wastage. Wooden toys and resources not only nurture imaginative play and a connection to nature but can be kept and passed down through the years. 

Her focus is for every toy or resource that she creates to be made from sustainable materials, recycled treasures or provided from nature. As close to zero foot print on our earth as possible. 

Note: Like all handcrafted wooden toys, each piece has its own wood grain, colour and characteristics. It may look slightly different from the picture shown. You may find natural stains, streaks or natural cracks in the wood. These are not defects but a reflection of the product's natural origin and uniqueness. 

Please only purchase if you are comfortable with these characteristics. 

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StoryScene Bundle
StoryScene Bundle
$222.00 $262.00
Playdough Kit
Playdough Kit
From $28.90 $34.00
Wooden Gems Set (Natural)
Tree People (Rainbow)
Tree People (Natural)
Log Hammer
Sold Out
Branch Rolling Pin (Single)
Woodland Log Stamper Set
Nature Log Stamper Set
Natural Threading Set
Earth Elements Thread + Peg Set
StoryScene- Rainbow background
StoryScene- Large Background
Play Board (Small)
Play Board (Large)
Play Board (Medium)
StoryScene- Large Mountain
StoryScene- Small Mountain
StoryScene- Boulder
Wooden Boulders
Sold Out
StoryScenes- Tall Tree
Sold Out
Green Tree Pair
Sold Out
Autumn Pair
Mountain Pair
StoryScene- Grass Shrub
StoryScene- Waves/Grass
Sold Out
StoryScene- Small Stand
Iceberg Boulders
EcoColour Kit-Classic Rainbow Set of 10
Set of 10 Wooden Nails
Dinosaur Stampers
Insects Stampers
Weather Stampers
StoryScene-Set of 4 Shrubs/Grass
StoryScene- A Pair of Grassy Patch
StoryScene- Iceberg
44 results