About Us

The idea for A Child's Hood came about after we had our first kid.

As a stay-home mum, I wanted to maximise the time I had with her every day; encouraging active and imaginative play whilst helping her to learn and understand the world we live in. The products that we have in our store are products that allow us to create that desired childhood for our kid and we want to make them accessible to more kids. 

We also strive to partner with fellow family-run businesses. Being parents themselves, we are assured that their products are designed with the child in mind; tried and tested for our kid and yours. 

Being inclusive is important to us too. As a former educator, I had the opportunity to work with children with learning/behavioural needs and their parents. How I wish I knew about some of these learning aids back then! We hope that through this store, we can support these parents and children, echoing the message that ALL CHILDREN ARE GOD'S GIFT TO US!