Bilingual Learning Bundle (100 Frame + ABC Coins + Reversible Eng/Chinese 1-100 Coins)

$160.00 $177.90

This Hundred Board is crafted from solid hardwood and features one hundred dimples ready for your child to fill up while counting, creating patterns, practicing mathematical equations, discovering cardinal directions, and more.

  • Measures 12-inches square (about 30.5cm). Polished with non-toxic linseed oil. 
  • Comes with 110 wool balls of 1/2 inch diameter. You will receive eleven of each colour (red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, blue, indigo, violet, pink and white). 
  • Suitable for coins without pegs.

These Alphabet coins include one full uppercase and one full lowercase alphabet along with a mix of commonly used lowercase letters. There are 100 coins in total, each measuring 1-inch. 

These Reversible bilingual 1-inch coins fit consist of 100 coins in each set. One side includes English numbers 1-100 and the other side includes Chinese numbers 1-100. Great learning resource for bilingual learners.