EcoColour Kit-Classic Rainbow Set of 10

$34.20 $38.00

The classic rainbow is a vibrant collection of 10 beautiful rainbow hues for endless art opportunities. 

Eco Water Colours are a stunning and vibrant non toxic water colour powder that can create a vast array of beautiful art experiences.

Each Kit contains:

  • 10 powdered water colours in Red, Red Orange, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Teal Green, Aqua, Dark Blue, Violet Purple, Magenta Pink. Each tub can make up to 400-500ml of each colour.
  • Natural Gel Paste powder.  This is amazing stuff! Simply Add a heaped tablespoon of this natural cellulose powder to create a Gel Paste that can be used for glue or to create a thick gel paint when combined with a sprinkle of EcoColour powder! Each tub can make 500ml of thick gel paste.

Add 1/4 teaspoon of powder per 100ml of water for liquid water colour paints. 

Or add a touch of powder to create beautifully coloured rainbow rice, play dough or water play.

Temporary staining may occur if undiluted but colour will wash out of hands if discoloured.