Elderly With Walker Peg Doll
Elderly With Walker Peg Doll
Elderly With Walker Peg Doll
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Elderly With Walker Peg Doll

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Encourage your child to learn more about the elderly who use walkers!

PLAY: Introduce the peg doll to your child’s pretend play and use it together with the illustrated map in the play resource booklet. 

READ: Read our play resource booklet which aims to help children better understand what’s like for an elderly to use a walker and how to interact with them. Take the opportunity to start a conversation with your child about people who are different. 

EXPLORE: Go out on a neighbourhood walk and use the illustrated map to learn about the various accessible features.

Each variation of peg doll (i.e. deaf, blind, wheelchair user and elderly with walker) has its own illustrated map. There are 4 different illustrated maps which fit together to form a big neighbourhood map. Collect all 4 maps!

Each peg doll measures approximately 9cm x 4cm. Please note that these peg dolls are meant to be kept dry and there may be slight variations in each doll as they are hand-painted and due to the wood grain pattern.

About Faces of Our Community (Part 2)

Faces of Our Community (Part 2) aims to help children better understand the diversity of people in our community through PLAY. Featuring people who are physically different, each peg doll is accompanied by a resource booklet that has been written to highlight both the differences and similarities that we share. It is meant to inspire conversations between you and your child, and encourage them to interact with people who are different, and yet the same as us.

We acknowledge that diversity further exists within each group and the content in the play resource booklet is not meant to be a standard representation of each group. We hope to encourage children and adults to talk to these individuals to hear their stories and experiences.