Firefighter Peg Doll
Firefighter Peg Doll
Firefighter Peg Doll
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Firefighter Peg Doll

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“Help! There’s a fire!”

Whenever there’s a fire, an accident or a need for rescue, our firefighters are always ready to help! Add this beautifully hand-painted peg doll to your child’s play and watch your child’s imagination unfold.

Build on your child’s interest with a book on community’s lifesavers or a virtual fire station open house (see SCDF’s website) to learn more about these brave and hard-working community helpers.

Each dark skin toned peg doll measures approximately 9cm x 2.8cm.

Each light skin toned peg doll measures approximately 9.5cm x 2.5cm.

Please note that these peg dolls are meant to be kept dry and there may be slight variations in each doll as they are hand-painted.

 About Faces of Our Community (Part 1)

Community helpers are important! They make our lives easier, keep our communities clean and safe, and help our communities to function efficiently! Some examples of community helpers around us include:

  • Firefighters and Paramedics who respond to emergencies
  • Nurses and Doctors who help us when we are unwell
  • Construction workers and cleaners who build and maintain the places we live in
  • And many more!

Faces of Our Community (Part 1) aims to highlight the contributions of community helpers and inspire our children to find out more about them. By presenting community helpers in different skin tones, we also hope to encourage diversity in children’s play and eventually, make diversity in our community the norm.