Madi Starts School by Monique Cain


About the Story

Blue-eyed Madi is growing up, and now it is time for her to go to school. It's not always easy for Madi to cope with change because she has a difficult gift- she has autism. At school, Madi learns many things and so do her classmates and her teachers. We all know it's not easy being different, especially when you struggle to find words to express yourself. 


See the World Through the Eyes of Madi and Thomas and Feel their Challenge, Wonder, and Hope!

These books are written simply, so children can understand them, but they open a window into the minds and hearts of those who have to struggle intensely to express themselves and who are frustrated by their failure.

Many autistic children are able to function in regular classrooms, bringing opportunities for both children and teachers to grow and learn in new ways. The first book in this series was written to help Madi’s teachers and classmates interact with and understand her better. The other kids loved that first book and often asked for it, and so did Madi’s teachers and so the series grew as Madi has grown. The book about Thomas was written to give a different perspective that highlights the uniqueness of each person (autistic or not). The series will grow as Madi and Thomas grow up and face new challenges with courage and perseverance.