Tree People- Days of the Week Set


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Featuring your ever special Tree People representing the beautiful rhythm of the week - Purple, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue + White plus their matching StoryScene Days of the Week Boulders.

This Complete Set includes:

  • 7x Days of the Week Tree People
  • 7x Days of the Week Boulders with etched names
  • Medium StoryScene Stand
  • 1 x Shrub
  • 1 x Medium Tree

Unique and quirky little ‘Tree People’... each have their own style and character. Just like nature intended. 

Created from hardwood branches, each little TREE PERSON is hand-carved, then two little eyes are lovingly burned into place. 

Ranging in size from 5cm to 9cm each family of 7 will include a range of characters, widths, and heights.