WilliamReady 16mm Stencil Kit
WilliamReady 16mm Stencil Kit
William Ready

WilliamReady 16mm Stencil Kit

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  • Simple Click and Connect – All puzzle pieces click together in any order, to form words sentences and more!
  • Practise Holding Skills – Builds on skills to hold in place, while suiting 24mm dotted thirds
  • Common HB standard pencil works perfectly– keep your pencil sharpened and writing is a breeze!
  • Refine Technique– Correct direction and font mean they learn best, first time

This stencil kit is suitable for 24mm dotted thirds writing pad.

16mm Stencil Kit Includes:

1 x Lower Case Stencil Set (26pcs  a-z)

1 x Lower Case Repeats (10pcs a,e,i,o,u,r,s,t,l,b)

1 x Upper Case Stencil Set (26pcs A-Z)

2 x Numbers Set (10pcs 0-9)

            TOTAL : 72 pcs

** WARNING ** : Product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.